Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What *DO* They Mean By "Choice"?

They're so fond of euphemisms, aren't they?! The sheer amount of rationalization-OBVIOUS rationalization-from their side actually rather concerns me, oftentimes. If a person can apply this level of carelessness and sometimes even animosity to a truly neutral, completely innocent child, it makes me wonder what they're capable of when applying their rationalization techniques to others. You know-people who cut them off in traffic. People who take the last doughnut when they reeeaaally reeeaaally wanted one. Kinda makes me ponder why most of them tend to want strict gun control enforced. I imagine if they're capable of killing their own children, they probably wouldn't mix well with guns and a bunch of targets with axes to be ground. Unfortunately they don't realize that not everyone views killing as a legitimate course of action.

Coming from such a large family as I do, with the background in Biology that I have, it's hard to fathom that ANYONE can attempt to champion killing children and then trying to pawn it off as "justice", but that is exactly what these people do. A more deluded group I've never seen. Self-soothers engaging in newspeak rationalization with their logical gymnastics and verbal binkies and blankies.

"not a child"
"terminating a pregnancy"
"not killing"
"saved my life"
"not actual people"
"my body"
"lump of cells"
"non-living tissue"
"reproductive healthcare"

They close their eyes to the biological reality I've dedicated a good part of my life towards studying. They twist themselves in moral knots concocting some "Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers"-esque scenario which takes the "clump" through some sort of mystical tunnel to be replaced by what they imagine is a child post-birth. It's like they're playing the Freeze-Tag of ethics, where anything goes with another human being as long as they're in a certain state, but once they pass out of their mother they've touched base, no tag-backs. Who would've thought that a child-like propensity for magical thinking would give way to the slaughter behind and before us. Roughly 55 million dead in their wake. A misbehaved child-like demeanor of "Me, Me, My, My, MINE, MINE! MY BODY! MY LIFE! I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO MATTERS!!!" once grown has room for no other children to bother it.

Elective abortion is the willful premature termination of a pregnancy with the intent of killing the child within. The CHILD. The offspring of two sexually-mature individuals is their CHILD, which stands if the CHILD is an embryo at a week old or a grown woman of 50 years. This is what they don't want to hear. This is what the "Choice" that they celebrate means. It's the celebration of death, and today on my birthday, I will spend it with my daughter who those around me wanted dead in this procedure called abortion, and together we will celebrate LIFE.