Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bungee Jumping Off The Fiscal Cliff, With Soros And Friends!

So, according to HuffPo, we can all stop worrying about that fiscal cliff now, since global humanitarian/financial collapse instigator/former NAZI George Soros and his buddy "Do-As-I-Say-Not-As-I-Do" Buffet have a plan! It's really quite simple. Allow me to translate the MoonSpeak:

Step 1: Chase all upper-earners out of the country via tax hikes. Since upper earners are also more likely to be providing private industry jobs, we want to get them out of here ASAP in order for this plan to work.

Step 2: Phase out private industry completely. Begin the government take over of as many industries as possible. It's already kinda begun with the medical field, auto industry, and banking. We're not going to need private industry where we're going, and it's actually counter-productive to this brilliant new plan.

Step 3: Give EVERYONE a government job! Government hiring has already been expanded to unprecedented levels according to the last jobs report, so this step has also already begun. Once the first step is complete, the last two will wrap themselves up rather quickly. This is where the bus is being steered, as Obama's Job's Council Head admitted via praise for China's system.

Now, under this new plan, we will avoid the fiscal cliff by dropping a nuclear bomb on the cliff and leveling our entire financial system into a beautiful sheet of glass. The United States of America won't have to pay back any loans when it doesn't exist anymore. To Revolution, Comrades! The Union of American Socialist States will endure FOREVER!

Monday, August 20, 2012


UGH! I am SO frustrated that I can't seem to maintain direction with my blog, or even the will to write anything in it consistently, or even maintain focus on what I do end up writing!

Soooo, in that vein, I've recently found out that my son will not be able to start kindergarten this year. So, that puts a big-ass cramp in my plans to try and start work this fall. So, I've decided to start a few blogs this year. This one, another where I will start writing chapters of a book I wrote back when I was in high school (theological science fiction, say wha?!), and one for my personal/family life. Hopefully, I'll be able to write AT LEAST one post in one of the blogs, depending upon what my thoughts are at any given time or what has been going on in my life. I should be writing much, MUCH more than I do (besides just commenting on other peoples' blogs, for cryin' out loud), and I think it's about time that I rectified this situation, now that I should have the time and resources to do so.

So, my sincere apologies to anyone who can read this, and here is hoping to a bright new (upcoming) year!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Need More Rage

When last I left our hypothetical typical American, thrust about from Corrupt System to Corrupt System-all infiltrated and eaten away by the Progressive Agenda-they were just getting out of college. Well, unfortunately, it isn't any better once they are out on their own.

If they either didn't go to college or did not successfully complete it, chances are, they will struggle to find gainful employment. This makes them ripe for the picking in the eyes of The Machine. Disenfranchised poor are a class well exploited by progressives.

(blah blah blah. I will edit and eventually finish this post some time in the future. Currently writing a new post about how flippin' crazy insane-o my life has been the last couple months. In a good way, though!!)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rage Against The Machine

My fiance is new to a lot of things right-sided. Before he met me, he didn't really vote or care to vote, and when he did, the reasons he voted the way he did were uninformed and arbitrary. Before he met me, and met my daughter, he had accepted the programming that all artsy-fartsy college-type guys have shoved down their throats by militant feminists. That is to say, they are told they are not worthy of doing, saying, or even THINKING anything about their part in the battle of the sexes, EVER.

So, saying that I'm a pretty active activist in one facet of conservatism (The Pro-Life Movement-yeah, we don't own it exclusively, but we started it, so, Pro-Life-Libs grab my coattails! PRE-NATAL HUMAN RIGHTS!) has meant a whole new world opening up to My Beloved, and frankly, it's been terrifying for him. It's like going from a world in which celestial bodies are hung on a sheet over the Earth to having the veil lifted and finding it a vastness full of burning balls of hydrogen many times larger than our own planet and giant hunks of rock careening towards us that could smack us all out of existence at any moment.

I have seen The Machine. It is a grotesque assembly of cogs and wheels with the bodies of anyone light enough to lift thrown between teeth of gears. The disillusioned poor and impressionable high school and college kids are heaped upon it and crushed to powder with its angry rhetoric. It's connected by belts oiled with the blood of the innocent. All together it stretches over our country throughout every metropolis and if you step back from it, it seems like a dewy crimson spiderweb strangling the life from our great nation.

Politics make for strange bedfellows, as they say, and the bed of progressivism is immense. It is currently occupied with an orgy of beasts of all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds. This is The Machine, and there are people trying to get us to either oil The Machine or become another cog in it before we are born. Therefore, we'll start there.

(Actually, The Machine is so entrenched in so many things, it's actually been quite difficult for me to collect my thoughts and approach this issue from any sort of logical progression, so I want to take this opportunity to apologize for my procrastination.)

While you're inside your mother's uterus, most likely snoozing away and growing like mad, the nurses and doctors attending mommy dearest would probably proudly tell her how they are members of a nurses union or ACOG (The American College of Obstetricians And Gynecologists). This, of course, means, they'd sooner kill you as look at you as long as mom ponied up the dough. They'd gladly grease their palms with mom's money and use your blood to lube up The Machine, as evidenced by their merciless crusades against even the most basic conscience protections for their own members.

But, luckily, you make it out alive, and now it's off to school! Yippee!!! But if you think you've escaped The Machine, you're quite mistaken. Thanks to the NEA, now that you've escaped death at the hands of one union, you can be a useful idiot molded and sculpted by another. That's right, the educators of the nation are instructing the youth on how to bring about the downfall of the nation in which they exist-the same nation that signs their paychecks. We're effectively paying for our own demise. This of course continues and only gets progressively worse as the level of indoctrination-I mean education!-advances. All that money sending your kid to college, and all you get is this lousy communist, anti-American propaganda. (T-shirt sold separately)

Second part of my post to follow...To OWS...AND BEYOND!

Friday, January 27, 2012


I know I was supposed to have a new post on Tuesday. I'm sorry, I've been really, really, REALLY busy, and have been traveling, celebrating, crying, and planning. So, I want to sincerely apologize for not having anything up this last Tuesday, and just give you my most sincere promise that I will be working on something great for you for this coming Tuesday, after unpacking all of my sundries and whatnot.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Ask Them What They Mean By 'Choice' Day" - My Mom Used To Work For A Man Who Would've Killed My Daughter

Welcome to the main part of my contribution to "Ask Them What They Mean By 'Choice' Day"!

As I left off last Tuesday, I was discussing how offhandedly mentioning something that a Pro-Legal-Abortionist on Twitter had argued as a fact had spurred my mother to interject that it was, in fact, a blatant lie. I then asked her how she knew for certain, as I would be asked to verify how I came about that information. She then shared with me that before I had been born, in her youth, she had worked for an OB/GYN who had done abortions, and that she had been privy to his financial dealings. She knew for a fact that abortion was a huge money-maker for him, and that fact also countered a few OTHER Pro-Legal-Abortionist arguments I'd met with in my myriad furious debates online with the advocates of legalized child-killing.

What this revalation lead to was a refuting of another Pro-Choice-To-Kill lie, that children will spend their entire lives languishing in foster care or orphanages because since not even their own mothers want them, surely no one else will want to care for the poor wretches. However, my mother let me know that this, too, was false. She told me of how the OB/GYN's office kept an extensive file nearly half an inch thick full of sheets of paper, each sheet detailing a weathly family who was in desperate need of a child to adopt as their own, for whom to love and care. She told me how she had tried to take a proactive roll in offering the file for abortion-choice-minded women since none of the other staff seemed interested in offering it to them. She went on to say that she was reprimanded also for doing so. Apparently, offering adoption help was not as lucrative a "procedure" to give these women, so staff was dissuaded from presenting it to these women.

I will admit, it was jarring to know that my mother at one time worked for one of the very people I've railed against for years. It was disheartening to know that my own mother had (and still has) a place in her heart for friendship with a man who would've been one of the very ones to kill and remove my daughter from me had I succumbed to the pleas of her father and "sisterly advice" of one of my coworkers at the time, who absolutely RAVED about having her child choiced to death so that she could go on a trip backpacking around Europe in her late teens.  It was TOTALLY worth her child's life, and they gave her a free tote! I should TOTALLY try it, because it made sense and stuff, and it's like a day at the spa, really.

But when I started talking about how I had begun my blog again, and that I was going to try to do a special post for this "Ask Them What They Mean By 'Choice' Day", she offered something I didn't know existed. She asked me if I wanted to see her resignation letter she had given the OB/GYN for whom she used to work. Before abortion entered my life, she had always spoken well of the man whom she once called her employer. She had been honest-his life was peppered with tribulation, and he had fallen on hard times before his death, and most of those hard times sounded of his own making. Everyone has their problems, you know.

Granted, now that I know he did abortions, I'm not surprised by the very self-destructive proclivity this man exhibited. It's a rather well-established pattern among those men and women who profit from the bloodshed of the innocent. I say that with no relish. I say that with genuine and sincere pity in my heart for them. Knowing the absolute hell I went through with just having the choice to kill my daughter or not presented to me...I cannot imagine the weight of actually carrying out hundreds and perhaps even thousands of other women's choices to kill their children. I cannot imagine being the hatchetman: the ulitmately responsible party.

I admit I was confused at my mother's attitude toward the man after I found out he was an abortionist. But, after reading her resignation letter, looking at how they tear themselves down, and asking myself the question, "Would I lay the whole of the blame for the execution of an innocent man on the executioner alone?", I suppose now I can see more clearly the motivation behind her defense of the man.

In closing, I leave you all with a transcript of the actual resignation letter my mother submitted all those years ago.

So, here's hoping that my birthday continues to get happier every year, as the choice to kill one's child with abortion becomes less and less acceptable, hopefully leading to the best birthday of all: the day when human beings gestating in the womb enjoy the same right to live enjoyed by all other minor children.

Monday, January 16, 2012

"Ask Them What They Mean By 'Choice' Day": Prologue

At the end of this week, we have a very special blog post coming up. I've asked Jill Stanek to allow my blog to be linked on January 22nd (by the way, did I mention yet that's my birthday? Because it is. My birthday. That day. ^_~ ) for "Ask Them What They Mean By 'Choice' Day". This is in response to NARAL's "Blog For Choice Day", an ambiguous and rather innocuous-sounding celebration of all things dead baby, perforated uterus, and lacerated cervix. On this day, we work to confront the euphemism of "choice" head-on, as it should be. Now, I've done this in the past, and still do so frequently, to be sure. I do it on Twitter, I do it at Jill's blog, and I do it when I get the chance to stand outside the late-term abortion mill in beautiful downtown Milwaukee.

How do I accomplish this, you ask? Well, I attempt to give the euphemism the meaning of the word they are attempting to sanitize. And, I've taken quite a bit of static about this from the "Pro-Choice-To-Kill-My-Gestating-Offspring/Child" crowd. You see, they like the warm and fuzzy feeling of the word "choice" as a noun. It sounds so much less abrasive than "abortion", because most people have at least a rudimentary knowledge of what "abortion" means, and when that is combined with at least a rudimentary knowledge of what the term "pregnancy" entails, you're talking about something pretty gruesome. Normally, when you are talking about a pregnancy ending, if everything has what is typically the intended result, what that process culminates in is the emergence of a new, very young human being from his or her mother, alive and well. Now when you apply the word "abort", as in "Oh hell, my plane is crashing, abort abort abort! But wait, I don't have a parachute!", you're going to get something as grizzly as a test pilot aborting without a parachute because there is no back-up plan for the gestating human. Their only hope was Mom, and she just had the cockpit evacuated. So, you take the noun "abortion", and you take the noun "choice", and you remind the world that these are being used interchangeably by the "My body, my choice!" crowd by giving them action verb status, and then interchanging them yourself. Also, it saves a character space on Twitter, so, win-win.

Now, when I come up with a device such as this, it only makes sense that I am going to apply it to what has become the primary driving force behind my entrance into the Pro-Life Activist role I've been working so hard to cultivate. And I know that I mention it a lot. Like, A LOT. Constantly, even. But, that is simply because it is powerful, and it is powerful because it is true, and it is tangible, and it is something that has consumed my life for the last 10 years at this point, even though it is something I have only been able to actively pursue and talk about for roughly the last 4. If you know me well enough, you probably know exactly what I am talking about already. And, you probably know that it is not really a "what" I am talking about so much as a "whom". And if you've been listening to me for these last few years, you would know that the "whom" I am speaking of is none other than my daughter, whom we'll call Maggie. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't know what abortion was or even that it existed. And, if it weren't for her father, I might not care one way or another even if I was aware. If it weren't for the both of them, I'd never have had the occasion to remind people that if I had chosen to abort, it would've been this little girl who would've been "choiced".

He and I were young. We were in our late teens. He was about 2 years younger than I, so I should've known better than to trust him, and I should have acknowledged his lack of consideration for the long-term repercussions of his actions and their affects on those around him. But, I loved him. I knew all about the ways of the world and biology and the natural order of things, and I figured he had to know these things too, right? If our relationship was what it was on my end because I loved him completely and was willing to accept the implications of that, and he told me he loved me, then surely we must be on the same page! But alas, he was a product of California sex ed and absentee parents-one of whom was a teenage mother herself when she had him. He knew very little of the actual biological function of sex and the resulting child: a gestating human being in the womb. He was the product of a sex-solely-as-recreation culture, and unfortunately his "Pro-Choice" mother had taught him all too well (without realizing the implications of HER actions, to boot). I can only imagine what it must be like to be the product of what obviously was what would be considered for all intents and purposes "an unwanted pregnancy", and then to grow to have your mother tell you it should be legal to eliminate the results of "an unwanted pregnancy". The idea sends shivers down my spine.

So of course, when I fell pregnant, his first impulse was to ask me to abort. But, it didn't stop there.

I took a hiatus from college and had moved back to California to stay with relatives because of some family problems I had been having back home. That was when I met him and we started dating. I was staying with my grandparents, and my uncles had gotten me a pretty nice job working at the same school for children with disabilities which employed them. It was a good job, and I certainly found it fulfilling, but it was dangerous due to the extreme behaviors of the children. My then-boyfriend wasn't really able to hold down a steady job for the first 5 months we were together, so I was supporting us as much as I was able, which wasn't very well. We lived pretty far away from each other, so we really only saw each other on the weekends. At one point, before I became pregnant, we tried to find somewhere for rent in the area, but getting our own place would've been so expensive, it was entirely out of the question. I told him I thought we should get married, but he said, "I don't need a piece of paper to show that I love you. I don't need a piece of paper to show me you're my wife.", and even though it wasn't preferable, it was good enough for me, because I loved him. As precarious as our situation was up until that point, after I got pregnant with Maggie, and then began the steep spiral downward.

(As an aside, around this time, I actually had an appointment to enact a more reliable method of birth control, but when we showed up, we were informed at the front desk that the doctor had called in that day. I actually cried because I missed that appointment. I think deep down I knew what was going to happen.)

At first he didn't believe I could be pregnant, but I knew something was wrong. We bought our first test-negative. He said, "See? I told you. Everything's fine." to which my response was, "It's wrong." which was only met by angry silence. Eventually I started throwing up violently every morning once I got to work and falling asleep absolutely exhausted as soon as I got home. I took another test the next weekend when I came to visit. Positive. We drove back to his mother's house where he had been staying and he wouldn't leave the couch in the sitting room for literally two weeks. He cried. My grandparents had already told me that if I was to get pregnant, I would be kicked out immediately. I had heard about one of the other employees at work who was 4 months pregnant when she had been kicked in the abdomen by a child with an emotional disorder. Her baby was miscarried and died. He begged me to "choice" her. He cried and begged and pleaded with me to choose kill her. At one point, I wrestled a bottle of painkillers out of his hands and threw them away because he said he would eat the bottle if I didn't "choose". I remember being devastated that my child's father wanted me to choose to kill her. I remember sitting in my bath, razorblades in hand, thinking that if one of us has to go, the other will follow. But the reason I couldn't end it for me was the same reason I couldn't end HER life. It wasn't fair to her, and ending my life would've ended hers as well. Regardless of how he made me feel, I had to get by, and if he was going to harm himself, that wasn't my fault. The thing I remember most is just sitting there thinking about her floating around inside me, completely vulnerable, so tiny, and so desperately in need of my consideration.

So I told him that since I could've had her "choiced" and that would've been legal if I didn't want to have to deal with her, it wouldn't be fair to expect him to be held accountable. I told him I was moving back to the Mid-South, and I would be leaving my job soon and moving out of my grandparents' home. I told him he was free to just pretend as if we didn't exist. He could just forget about us, and I would find a way to get by, and he could just go back to his old life, no strings attached. He could live the rest of his life comfortably just pretending as though I had choiced her. He just wouldn't settle, though. He wouldn't leave well-enough alone. So, we packed everything of ours that would fit in his car, and set out at the end of that year.

We found a crappy, cheap apartment and moved in. I prepared for a baby while he just kept spiraling. He was able to transfer with the job he had, and kept it for a little while, eventually getting fired a little bit before I gave birth. He avoided going to prenatal appointments with me. If he did go, he refused to look at the ultrasounds. He wouldn't tell his mother I was pregnant. He finally broke down and told her when I was almost 8 months along, only because my mother was threatening to call her and let her know. She, of course, was absolutely ecstatic. One day, many years afterward, she and I were on a long road trip. We started talking about abortion. She informed me that she was "Pro-Choice". I let her know that her son had wanted me to "choice" the grandchild she doted on and treasured so very, very much. She didn't say another thing after that for the rest of the trip.

After she was born, we hit rock botton. Eventually, things were put back together somewhat, and we were married when she was about a year old. He forbade me from EVER speaking of what he had wanted me to choose, how he had put me through hell pleading me for the choice to kill his little girl just a short while before. But after I became pregnant with my second child, all the feelings that I had been forced to ignore, and squelch...everything he had been hoping I would forget for all came flooding back, and I could NOT ignore it, and I could not deny my need to speak out any longer. Because, here sat inside me one very wanted boy, but the idea that it would be legal to do to him at that very moment what that man had wanted me to do to his sister just set my hair on end and turned my stomach. And that lead me to start thinking-here and now I have this beautiful little girl who might've come so close to being thrown away like garbage-but how many other children like her in her position WERE being thrown away? How many WERE being choiced to death and finding nothing in this world for them but cold surgical equipment and a biohazard bag? When I found out it was literally THOUSANDS A DAY, I was disgusted, and crushed.

Eventually, I started becoming active in the Pro-Life online community. And eventually, that spilled over into my private life. One day, offhand, I mentioned to my mom how one of the Pro-Choicers I had been debating with talked about how little abortionists made for their "reproductive health services". My mom informed me that was a lie, because when she kept books for the OB/GYN she worked for, abortions accounted for the lion's share of his profits, and she had been openly chastised for attempting to encourage patients there who had chosen to kill their child in abortion to adopt by showing them a HUGE file their office kept with literally HUNDREDS of wealthy families desperate for children to adopt.

And that is why, later this week, for "Blogging For Choice (To Kill)" Day, I will tell you about the choice my mother made to leave the employ of this doctor and her pleas to him-her friend and beloved employer-to end his profiting off such a horrific practice.

My "Choice"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Third Time's A Charm

I figured I'd go ahead and try this whole blogging thing one more time...I mean...I'm sure if you throw enough substances up against a wall enough times, eventually something is going to stick, right? All I can really do is hold on, start writing, and keep writing.

So many times, success is just a matter of not knowing when to quit. The only way you can ever really fail is by ceasing to try. And, when you really stop to think about it, that is a large part of what separates "us" from "them". Theirs is the philosophy of having been beaten before ever attempting. The "I can't." that drives them to demand sacrifice from others because they think they need it to survive. The hopelessness that causes them to rationalize killing and fight to keep it legal. The beaten-down notion that just because things are so very hard now, they will never have anything like what so-and-so has, so it must be taken by force and given to them in the name of "paying your fair share".

So, here is my attempt. It's not the first, and it certainly will not be the last. I will write, and do so on a schedule, and some of it will be relevant and wise, a portion inane or outrageous, and a bit will just be plain filler (like this post). But hey, at least I'm trying.

Happy New Year! I hope it's as great for anyone reading this as it has been for my family and I thus far.