Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Ask Them What They Mean By 'Choice' Day" - My Mom Used To Work For A Man Who Would've Killed My Daughter

Welcome to the main part of my contribution to "Ask Them What They Mean By 'Choice' Day"!

As I left off last Tuesday, I was discussing how offhandedly mentioning something that a Pro-Legal-Abortionist on Twitter had argued as a fact had spurred my mother to interject that it was, in fact, a blatant lie. I then asked her how she knew for certain, as I would be asked to verify how I came about that information. She then shared with me that before I had been born, in her youth, she had worked for an OB/GYN who had done abortions, and that she had been privy to his financial dealings. She knew for a fact that abortion was a huge money-maker for him, and that fact also countered a few OTHER Pro-Legal-Abortionist arguments I'd met with in my myriad furious debates online with the advocates of legalized child-killing.

What this revalation lead to was a refuting of another Pro-Choice-To-Kill lie, that children will spend their entire lives languishing in foster care or orphanages because since not even their own mothers want them, surely no one else will want to care for the poor wretches. However, my mother let me know that this, too, was false. She told me of how the OB/GYN's office kept an extensive file nearly half an inch thick full of sheets of paper, each sheet detailing a weathly family who was in desperate need of a child to adopt as their own, for whom to love and care. She told me how she had tried to take a proactive roll in offering the file for abortion-choice-minded women since none of the other staff seemed interested in offering it to them. She went on to say that she was reprimanded also for doing so. Apparently, offering adoption help was not as lucrative a "procedure" to give these women, so staff was dissuaded from presenting it to these women.

I will admit, it was jarring to know that my mother at one time worked for one of the very people I've railed against for years. It was disheartening to know that my own mother had (and still has) a place in her heart for friendship with a man who would've been one of the very ones to kill and remove my daughter from me had I succumbed to the pleas of her father and "sisterly advice" of one of my coworkers at the time, who absolutely RAVED about having her child choiced to death so that she could go on a trip backpacking around Europe in her late teens.  It was TOTALLY worth her child's life, and they gave her a free tote! I should TOTALLY try it, because it made sense and stuff, and it's like a day at the spa, really.

But when I started talking about how I had begun my blog again, and that I was going to try to do a special post for this "Ask Them What They Mean By 'Choice' Day", she offered something I didn't know existed. She asked me if I wanted to see her resignation letter she had given the OB/GYN for whom she used to work. Before abortion entered my life, she had always spoken well of the man whom she once called her employer. She had been honest-his life was peppered with tribulation, and he had fallen on hard times before his death, and most of those hard times sounded of his own making. Everyone has their problems, you know.

Granted, now that I know he did abortions, I'm not surprised by the very self-destructive proclivity this man exhibited. It's a rather well-established pattern among those men and women who profit from the bloodshed of the innocent. I say that with no relish. I say that with genuine and sincere pity in my heart for them. Knowing the absolute hell I went through with just having the choice to kill my daughter or not presented to me...I cannot imagine the weight of actually carrying out hundreds and perhaps even thousands of other women's choices to kill their children. I cannot imagine being the hatchetman: the ulitmately responsible party.

I admit I was confused at my mother's attitude toward the man after I found out he was an abortionist. But, after reading her resignation letter, looking at how they tear themselves down, and asking myself the question, "Would I lay the whole of the blame for the execution of an innocent man on the executioner alone?", I suppose now I can see more clearly the motivation behind her defense of the man.

In closing, I leave you all with a transcript of the actual resignation letter my mother submitted all those years ago.

So, here's hoping that my birthday continues to get happier every year, as the choice to kill one's child with abortion becomes less and less acceptable, hopefully leading to the best birthday of all: the day when human beings gestating in the womb enjoy the same right to live enjoyed by all other minor children.


  1. Wow. I wanted to cry, reading your mom's resignation letter. This post is an amazing illustration of how the poison of the prochoice ideology touches every life, even the lives of those who refuse it. This also made me aware of how overlooked people working in the abortion industry are, and the burdens a lot of them undoubtedly bear. Great post that I hope gets thousands of reads and softens some hearts. Happy Birthday X!

  2. Your post rules! I shall return. Great blog design.

  3. Welcome to the blog, and thank you very much. As it stands right now, I update every Tuesday, and would love to have you back. Take care.

  4. way to go X's mom!

    My mom almost aborted me but a good doctor talked her out of it...