Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bungee Jumping Off The Fiscal Cliff, With Soros And Friends!

So, according to HuffPo, we can all stop worrying about that fiscal cliff now, since global humanitarian/financial collapse instigator/former NAZI George Soros and his buddy "Do-As-I-Say-Not-As-I-Do" Buffet have a plan! It's really quite simple. Allow me to translate the MoonSpeak:

Step 1: Chase all upper-earners out of the country via tax hikes. Since upper earners are also more likely to be providing private industry jobs, we want to get them out of here ASAP in order for this plan to work.

Step 2: Phase out private industry completely. Begin the government take over of as many industries as possible. It's already kinda begun with the medical field, auto industry, and banking. We're not going to need private industry where we're going, and it's actually counter-productive to this brilliant new plan.

Step 3: Give EVERYONE a government job! Government hiring has already been expanded to unprecedented levels according to the last jobs report, so this step has also already begun. Once the first step is complete, the last two will wrap themselves up rather quickly. This is where the bus is being steered, as Obama's Job's Council Head admitted via praise for China's system.

Now, under this new plan, we will avoid the fiscal cliff by dropping a nuclear bomb on the cliff and leveling our entire financial system into a beautiful sheet of glass. The United States of America won't have to pay back any loans when it doesn't exist anymore. To Revolution, Comrades! The Union of American Socialist States will endure FOREVER!

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