Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What Drives My Passion

This is my daughter, Magdalena.

Doesn't she look adorable? Isn't she amazing? And that's just an example of her visual energy and beauty. That doesn't show you how she amazes me every single day with the things she says and does. Simply stunning.

About Maggie: we weren't quite ready for her to...umm...pop up like she did. It was saddening, and kind of terrifying, and her father was totally overcome by grief, to say the least. I had a budding career that I really enjoyed, and it certainly wasn't any sort of occupation for a pregnant woman. Not to mention I was staying with relatives at the time, and if they had found out about it, I most likely wouldn't have been welcome there any longer.

There was an alternative. One that many women in similar situations as mine have taken countless times. One that I was forced to think about alot by my child's father. Abortion. But I couldn't. I knew that what was inside me was another person, and a person who depended on me to keep her safe and well. I knew somehow that she was going to be a girl. I knew she was my little girl, and any thoughts of harming her pained me a great deal. Even when her father was threatening to kill himself if I didn't abort her, I couldn't do it.

So now, I'm rewarded every day by this incredible little person that I have made. We love her more than anything else in our lives, and we really treasure her, and wouldn't trade her for anything in this world.

But when I think of what she could've been...

it makes me sick. That could've been my vibrant little girl I showed you earlier. And, like it or not, every baby in that condition that's thrown into a wastebasket somewhere would've turned into a wonderful little child like mine.

I wish the world could have this:

instead of this:

And that's why I'm anti-abortion.

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